— SLOBODAN KAJKUT / composition


Score previews soon – please check back!

Elements (for Bass clarinet, Horn, Cello, Piano, Harp, Sampler and Drum computer), 2020-2021
Ensemble Mechanique (for Ensemble Mechanique), 2019
The Green Box (Opera), 2018-2019
Grenzstück Nr.1 (for two electric guitars on state border), 2019
III (for voice and electronics), 2015-2018 +++AUDIO+++
(Installation), 2017
Palast (for small Orchestra), 2017 +++AUDIO+++
Not Far (music-theatre for performer, Piano/Synth, Cbass/Ebass, Drums/E-drums), 2017
Darkroom (for Clarinet, Vibraphon and Sampler), 2016 +++AUDIO+++
Harrasment (for Alt Flute), 2016
Folsom (for Piano und Percussion), 2016
When I Put a Spike Into My Vein (for Ensemble), 2015
Abuse (Musik Theatre), 2015
Elevation (Drum performance in elevator), 2014, +++VIDEO+++
Down (for Piano, Contrabass and Sampler), 2014, +++AUDIO+++
Musik für Spieluhr (for 3 Music boxes), 2014 +++VIDEO+++
Terrible Dub (for Piano und Sampler), 2014, +++VIDEO+++
Terrible Fake (for Piano und Drum Set), 2014 +++AUDIO+++VIDEO+++
Sick Nature (for E-Gitarre and Drum Set), 2012 +++AUDIO+++
City of Bore (for E-Gitarre and Drum Set), 2012
The Art of Living Dies… (for E-Cello), 2011 +++AUDIO+++
20 Inventions (for Piano / Installation for 20 Record Players), 2011 +++PHOTOS+++
Life After Death 1 (for Drum Set), 2011 +++AUDIO+++
Glue Sniffer (for E-Viola), 2010 +++AUDIO+++
Krst (for Voice and Electronics), 2005-2009 +++AUDIO+++
God Bless God (Opera), 2009 +++AUDIO+++
Slovoslovie (for Voice), 2007
358 Pieces for Orchester (for full Orchestra), 2006
20 Minuten für 2000 Euro (for Voice and Ensemble), 2005 +++AUDIO+++
MIZAR (for Voice and Ensemble), 2005
The Compromise Is Not Possible (for Voice, E-Guitar, Organ und Drums), 2005 +++AUDIO+++
Paket Aranžman (for Drum Set, Performance), 2004
Jubbookov Revolt (for Voice), 2004
Disintegration of European Union (for full Orchestra), 2004 +++AUDIO+++VIDEO+++
Bandera Nerra (for 3 Voices, Bassoon, Contrabass and Sampler), 2004
440Hz (for Flute and Percussion), 2003
1990 (for Piano und Voice), 2002
Your Possible War (Tape), 2001